VPMMA board of directors

New VPMMA Board of Directors

We are so proud and honored to have such an amazing group of people helping us with this very important mission. It is with great pride that we announce our new Board of Directors for October 2021. Each and every one of these people are taking time from their very busy lives to help our veterans, spouses and the project management field. This board is 100% volunteer and we couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work and determination as we prepare to launch into 2022 with our new board of Directors.

Michael Donnelly, President: Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Christian, Vice President: Chief Operations Officer

Jim Schuett, Chief Marketing/Communications Officer

Jeff Sheibels, Treasurer: Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Fransen, Secretary: Chief of Staff

Scott Byers, Director of Professional Services

Paul Gwaltney, Director of Corporate Partners

Brian Thomas, Director of Veteran Services

Andrea Clinton, Director of Membership

Wayne Brantley, Director of Education

Laticia Miller, Director of Ambassadors

Christine Gagnon, Director

Victor Lopez, Director

VPMMA board of directors

And of course the VPMMA wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the vision, hard work and determination of our co-founders Eric “Doc Wright, Joe “PMO Joe” Pusz and Air Force Veteran/ PM Amber Schmidt.

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