Find a Mentor

Find A Mentor

Mentoring Opportunities

Joining the VPMMA community provides three complementary mentoring paths to fit your learning and communication preferences at no cost to you.

  1. Individual Mentoring (1:1): Search our mentor profiles to find an ideal fit and begin a relationship. Durations and meeting cadences are determined between you and your mentor, which may range from a single call to discuss key questions, or you could set up a series over a 6-month cycle to unpack themes and big ideas.
  2. Cohort: Participate with a small group (e.g., 5-20) of mentees on a similar career journey for guided learning, discussions, and exercises to help advance your professional project management career.
  3. Group Learning: Join monthly 1-hour learning events for a deep dive discussion on key project management, leadership, and career development topics. Or join an online discussion group for Q&A and knowledge sharing.

Benefits to Having a Mentor

  • Gain knowledge from experts
  • Able to ask questions in a safe, open, honest, and candid environment
  • Learn from individuals that have similar experiences
  • Grow your professional network

What to Expect

  • After creating a profile and joining the VPMMA community, you will see additional pages and engagement opportunities when you “Sign In” to the site.
  • Although mentors shall not be asked to find/hire you for a new PM position, they can empower and equip you for career advancement success.
  • Reference materials will be provided to help guide your desired mentoring approach.
  • Your profile information will not be shared.
  • There is no financial cost to join or participate as a VPMMA community member. VPMMA is a non-profit primarily funded by corporate grants and foundations.

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Your profile information will be protected and used for mentor matching and developing your career within the VPMMA community. Your information is not intended for external use.