A Cohort-Based Approach to Push Professional Development Further

Level-Up Labs: A Cohort-Based Approach to Push Professional Development Further
9:00am – 10:00am, Sep 29
2021 ASU Project Management Summit
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Project teams are expected to perform and execute on time, on budget, within scope, providing a quality result. It can feel a bit mechanical, but people aren’t machines. Even machines need upgrades if they are to remain relevant and productive in a changing workplace. So how do we upgrade as people to meet the needs of our teams, our customers, and ourselves?
Similar to how we set up projects, if we want to allow ourselves to level up, we need to have a plan, with a clear mission and objectives that lead to long-term success. The Level-Up Labs model for professional development gives a scalable framework for helping individuals and teams to problem-solve, set goals, and help each other to succeed.


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