VPMMA Veterans Project Manager Mentor Alliance


Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance

Project Management Mentoring for Veterans, Service Members, and Military Spouses

Empower and equip military service members, veterans, and spouses to achieve project management career greatness through mentoring and professional development.

Our Vision!

Realize the full potential of military veterans and spouse project managers by developing top talent and accelerating careers.

Our Offer!

Sign Up today to join the community of veteran & project manager enthusiasts. Whether you are still active duty, in the Reserve, a civilian with minimal or extensive project manager experience, or just curious about the industry, all members benefit. Leverage complementary mentoring at your desired pace, learning events, best practice discussion groups, professional development services, workshops, scholarships, and discounts to partner events. There’s no financial obligation to join or engage thanks to our generous corporate partners, foundations, and private donations.

Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Mentoring with experienced civilian project managers to help you start, navigate and advance your project management career.



This is your opportunity to give back to your profession and serve those who served us.



Mentoring gives you one-on-one access to get insights and advice to grow.



There are a lot of roles that can help our veterans with their journey. We need you!

What People Are Saying

Here are some of the great stories being made here at VPMMA

“This program helped me understand that I already had the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Project Management Profession. My mentor showed me how to translate my military experiences into business language and how to be successful in an interview. “


Philip Watson

USMC Veteran

“I love working with these folks. It feels so rewarding to be a part of their success journey and to give back.

I think I always learn as much or more from being a mentor than they do. “


Emily Roberts


“I am not a Project Manager but I wanted to give back to those that serve our country. This has been the perfect outlet.

It feels great to be a part of this organization and help wherever I can.”


John Spencer



Regardless of your age, race, religion, location or rank we are here to support you. If your first mentor doesn’t work, we’ll provide another.  If you have special needs we will support you.  

If you ask for help we will be there to answer your request.  Our promise to you, is we are here.  We are here for you.  We will support you as long as you need us.

Latest VPMMA Articles

Having served in half a dozen countries, Dr. Gerald Lowe knows that career paths do not always follow a straight line. Dr. Lowe will walk through career phases with us, and based on where you may be in your respective careers, will look from a practical perspective at what steps can help you to Level Up in your career.

The first portion of this session will focus on topics revolving around knowing yourself and how you can leverage that information to lead. The second portion will focus on how to respond vs. react during troublesome times. The last portion of the session will be a discussion focusing on the great opportunities and challenges provided in our lives and how we can level up because of them.

The landscape of job searches, networking, and hiring talent has changed, and most job seekers and talent procurement groups are finding existing tools to be wildly ineffective in helping them to navigate. This session is a roadmap to swimming quickly through the sea of fake job postings, inauthentic networks, and ineffective talent procurement strategies and processes to reach successful talent-related outcomes. This session will also cover how to use the brokenness of today's tools and systems to your advantage and be heard above the deafening digital noise.